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Left - Mobile view of event screen, Right - Mobile view of event details
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Know it all ahead of time

Green Room’s dashboard is your one stop for the facts and important show details. No more digging through texts, DMs, emails, and spreadsheets to figure out when you’re loading in.

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Let everyone know what's going on

Stop fielding questions about when soundcheck is. Add your band and team to shows in Green Room so they have all the facts… and so you don’t have to worry about it. 

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Stay on top of your money

Keep track of settlements and payouts from shows and events in Green Room. There’s no need to keep guessing what you’re actually making out there. 

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How it works

Green Room is mobile-first, so everything you need is right in your hand. Designed for the traveling artist, it’s an all-in-one tool for management, scheduling, and basic accounting that goes everywhere with you while you’re on the move. 

Built For

Band Leaders

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Stop stressing the little details and spend more time behind your instrument. 

Use Green Room to take back precious time. Streamline organizational tasks like tracking show details, coordinating with band members, and tracking payments, so you can get back to the most important thing—the music. 

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Keep your people on track and in the know.

Tired of answering endless texts from your band? You don’t have to. Add your players to your Green Room event or project and they’ll have access to everything they need—location, load-in, soundcheck, and more. 
(Sorry, you’ll all have to figure out who has the van keys on your own.)

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Built For


Left - Mobile view of event screen, Right - Mobile view of event details
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Be on top of the boring parts.

Band member? Hired gun? Let Green Room keep you organized and never miss a beat. Everything you need to know about the gig is all in one place, so you’re not hunting around to find out when and where to be.

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Free up your mind and just be on tour.

It’s all right there in your hand. Take out the risk of double booking, losing track of the details, or wondering if/when you got paid. Just get yourself to the gig.

Touring, minus the tension

Keeping it together on tour doesn’t have to be so hard

How to stay organized on the road is a problem of the past. Green Room has everything you need to know in one place for you and your entire team. 

Band Leaders

Know who is playing what, when, and where… and share it with them so they know too.


Empower your band to make the show a success, and save yourself a few texts on the day of.

Solo Performers

You’re a one-person show, but it’s okay to have little help behind the scenes so you can get to the main thing: the music.


You mix magic. We make sure you get where you need to be on time.