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Your single source of truth

Green Room's dashboard keeps all your event details in a single place so you can stop sifting through texts, emails, spreadsheets, and DMs to figure out when to load-in.

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Quickly share event details with all the right people

Tired of being asked when sound check is? Add team members to projects and events in Green Room so they can see all the important details.

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Stay on top of your finances for live events

Keep track of your income for live shows within Green Room so you have a clear picture of your income as a performer.

Green Room

How it works

Green Room is your all-in-one management, scheduling, and basic accounting assistant that goes everywhere with you. Our mobile-first platform is built for performers on the go!

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Built For

Band Leaders

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Time spent organizing is time not spent playing

Green Room helps you get back precious time to perform by streamlining organizational task like tracking show details, organizing band members, and tracking payments.

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Keep your band members organized

When you add people into your Green Room project they can see all relevant details about shows like location, sound check, and notes so you aren't answering endless texts asking for details.

Built For


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Stay on top of the boring side of show biz

Green Room helps you stay organized and never miss a bit. With all the details about events in a single place you save time hunting for critical event info.

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All you need for peace of mind while on tour

With all your shows in one place you don't have to worry about double booking, losing track of important details, or wondering when you got paid.

Touring, minus the tension

Staying organized while performing live shouldn't be so difficult

Staying organized on the go is yesterday's problem. When you use Green Room to keep all your show dates and events together, you'll never be missing important details again. Take it to the next level by managing your team in Green Room too!

Band Leaders

Keep track of who is playing what when and share all the relevant show details with them!


Make sure your team has all the info they need to make each show a success.

Solo Performers

You do it all. Let Green Room take on the hassle of keeping the detail sorted.


You mix magic. We make sure you get where you need to be on time.